Daily Maui Photo App v1.1 Available

Not soon after the first release of the Daily Maui Photo App for iPhone, the next updates are already available in the new Version 1.1.

New Features in Version 1.1

Here is the list of features that have been added in the new release.

  • Support for Notification Badges to let you know when new photos are available.
  • Facebook Integration for sharing your favorite photos on Facebook. Found under the Share button.
  • Refresh button for updating the latest photos in case of failed or incomplete downloads.
  • Improved server integration to reduce photo download wait times.

As before, you can find a full list of features and screenshots on the support page.


Future Plans

I’m pretty happy with the additional features added to this release, so unless the feature requests come pouring in, this version will stay as is for now. In the meantime, I continue to work on refreshing my photo inventory for these daily photos and ensuring the highest quality images are available (as time permits). There are also exciting updates happening for the Daily Maui Photo website, too, so I hope to news on that in the coming weeks.

As far as a custom iPad version of this application, I do have ideas of what I’d like to offer. However, since I don’t currently own an iPad or have used one enough to appreciate the user experience of iPad applications, it will be on hold until I pick one up. Or, someone buys me one. 😉

Lastly, I hope to have an Android version of the application in a few months as well. Right now, I’d say the April timeframe, but I know mentioning any dates for sure will come back to bite me.

Your Support

Being a free app, it’s clear that my main goal is sharing the magic of Maui and the warm Aloha Spirit that those of us lucky enough to have visited the islands have grown to love. Instead of charging for the app or ruining it with advertising, all I ask in return is that if you do enjoy the images in the application, please leave your comments and ratings in the App Store, and also help spread the word to others you know that might enjoy this daily dose of Aloha.

Many Thanks,
– Kris


About Kris

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