Daily Maui Photo App Released for iOS

Continuing to ride the momentum and success of my recent Daily Maui Photo website launch, I’m happy to announce that I’m starting off 2011 with my first iOS application now available in the App Store.

Albeit a simple application functionally, it offers just one more way for Maui fans out there to obtain their daily dose of Aloha. The new iPhone App now joins the list of web, iGoogle gadget, RSS, email, Facebook, and Twitter as ways to enjoy a different photo from Maui each and every day.


You can find a full list of features and screenshots on the Daily Maui Photo App Support Page, but here’s a short list of the features in this initial release.:

  • Browse the 7 most recent photos in the series.
  • Interactive maps for each photo, including Standard and Satellite map views.
  • Save photos to your Camera Roll to use as wallpaper, contacts images, etc.
  • Share photos by email using the standard iPhone email application.


More to Come

While starting small, there are a number of features already in development for the first App update. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Facebook integration for sharing your favorite photos of the week.
  • Twitter integration for sending updates and links for your favorites.
  • Push Notifications (badges only, no alerts) for letting you know when the next photo is available.

If you’re a Maui fan or have already followed the Daily Maui Photo collection elsewhere on the web, now’s your chance to bring the Aloha with you wherever you go. So don’t delay, fire up that iPhone or iPod Touch, or crack open iTunes and have a look at what my App has to offer.

And if you like it, please leave a good rating and share it with all of your friends. And if you don’t like it, please let me know!

– Kris


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