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The newly re-branded version of my Maui Photo Day Calendar website. It showcases the same daily photos as the original, and is now the platform of a slew of new features both on the website and beyond. And it’s really only the beginning, so be sure to look for future updates announced here on the blog and my Maui by Photo page on Facebook.

About This Site

Technically my fourth Maui online creation, there’s really no doubt that my admiration of the Valley Isle is the inspiration behind this site, too. But it’s perhaps what’s behind the scenes that has me riding a huge wave of momentum. It’s a full featured REST API for integrating my daily photos into all my other related projects. More on that, soon.

Aside from the new API, the site has already spawned a few different projects. First up, was my very first (of many, hopefully) iPhone App which features a mobile version of my daily photos. That’s in addition to the updated RSS feed, the Facebook Tab app, and the refreshed Google homepage gadget.

Throw in the @DailyMauiPhoto Twitter account and the feed syndication on the Maui by Photo page on Facebook, and there are tons of way to get Your Daily Dose of Aloha. It really means a lot to me that so many people out there can share in my love for Maui, even if it is just one photo at a time.

Other Updates Coming

As if there wasn’t enough already, the ideas and plans are still coming in faster than I can complete them. Here’s a quick list:

  • An Android version of my iPhone App.
  • An iPad App? Kinda need to get an iPad myself, first. 😉
  • Finishing a release version of my Daily Maui Photo widget for WordPress.
  • Creating a standalone JavaScript widget for adding to any website.
  • Syndicating related content from other Maui sites a la a “today’s articles” feature.
  • Creating a partner portal for other Maui bloggers and content providers to share their related Maui articles.
  • Opening up the API for anyone interested in using it for their projects.
  • A full sized Daily Maui Photo poster, featuring all 366 photos on one poster.
  • Launching and integrating an online store for selling prints of the best images in my portfolio.

So, you can see why I’m kinda excited about this site and the platform behind it. There’s more than enough work here to keep me busy for many, many months. 🙂

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