Maui By Photo
Launched June 2009

A photo-oriented look at the island of Maui, designed to let readers provide stories of their own memories.

About This Site

The concept behind Maui by Photo came after a few years working on Ka’anapali Dreamin’ and after a handful of trips to the island with all of my camera gear in tow. The result of that combination led to a true admiration for the island, her beauty, and her people. And a boatload of photos, too.

Hamoa BeachIt also made me realize that I couldn’t put into words the awe that I’m in when visiting Maui. So it came time to let the pictures do the talking. Which I thought would be a much easier task at first, but ended up being many hours spent editing photos.

There are many types of people that visit Maui from all over the world. There are those that come to get married or celebrate their honeymoon. There are those that come to get away from the frozen winters back home, or the craziness of busy work weeks.

They come for the sun, to surf, to see the whales or enjoy the sunsets. While a few of us are lucky to visit more than once, for most it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. But no matter who, why, from where or for how long, many people return home from Maui with a healthy dose of Aloha in their hearts that lasts forever.

And these are the people I wanted to share Maui by Photo with. By putting my photos of Maui out there and letting people relive their own Maui memories, that special island in the Pacific is never far away. The goal then, is while browsing these images and having those stories top of mind, visitors could leave those stories as comments for others to enjoy. The more stories, the more Aloha.

Beyond the Blog

Maui by Photo was also the first of my sites to have somewhat of a branding to it. Not soon after I launched the website, I also started the @MauiByPhoto account on Twitter. Follow that with my first Facebook page that bears the same name and I was soon spreading Aloha to different audiences across multiple channels.

As this was the first site I launched on the popular WordPress platform, I still was learning as I went along. A full year later, I have covered a lot of ground and there are still so many things I have left to do with the site. The brand concept has sort of suffered because of the inactivity on my part, but I think a little love and attention will do it wonders.

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