Project Time Next Week

Next week is going to be the second year in a row that I get the entire week of Xmas off, which is giong to be very nice. Since I haven’t been skating as much I as want to, that leaves me with more time for working on different site updates and projects during that week.  Now, the only issue is deciding what to work on!

Here are a few things that I’m considering giving face time to next week.
Finish my host migration
Believe it or not, the host migration to a new web host has been going better than I had thought. In fact, I only have 3 sites left to migrate, upgrade, and test. They are, however, the largest sites that I have, which is why they’re going last.
Add my Maui Photo Calendar to Facebook
I just recently launched my Maui Photo Calendar as an Google Gadget, and I was thinking yesterday about trying to add it as a Facebook application. I was doing some research and found opensocket, which is supposed to take care of much of the integration for existing gadgets to work on Facebook. Going through some of the settings, however, I think it would be more beneficial to grab a book and learn more about Facebook apps first.
Finally launch Igloo Surfing
It seems like only yesterday I had this idea of launching a fun little website named Igloo Surfing.  Actually, it was over a year ago. Going through the web host migration, I revisted were I had left off with the site, and I was a lot closer to finishing it than I remembered. So that makes this another good candidate. Odds are it could be my first new site of 2009.
Redesign for Kris and Cindy
Speaking of a year ago, around this time last year is when I put Kris and Cindy in a dormant mode. Not only is it long overdue for a redesign, but probably some restructuring as well. The current site structure and sections were good a few years ago, but SO MUCH has happened in our lives since then. Mainly for the good, the current structure just isn’t going to hold all those new pages.
This is still one of the sites to be migrated to the new host, so that makes time for a redesign a good candidate, as well.
Minor design and layout changes for Ka’anapali Dreamin’
I mentioned last month that I had a few minor changes in the queue for Ka’anapali Dreamin’. The biggest of which I’m thinking of is a slight redesign and layout change to increase the standard page layout for 1024px browser widths, rather than the current 800px width. My other motivation is that we leave for Maui in less than two months (yay!), so I really need to get caught up before we come back with even more content to add to the site.
New feeds for kris.nelson
Last week I shared something I discovered with Google Reader to be able to share my favorites from the different RSS feeds I follow. That, and a few other similar additions, are racing around in the design part of my brain right now, and are itching to come out.
Flickr and Google Map integration for Kris Nelson Photography
Just this week I quietly snuck in some new changes to the home page of Kris Nelson Photography to include recent posts and photos from Blogger and Flickr. That was more of a spur-of-the-moment idea because of recent work with the Blogger Data API I was doing, so it was completely unplanned. What I really want to add to Kris Nelson Photography is an integrated photo gallery like I did for Ka’anapali Dreamin’. You can view that here, and as you can see, there is both Flickr integration and maps displayed with Google Maps. 
So that’s what I have to look forward to next week. Obviously I’m not going to get to all of it, and I don’t really have a set idea on how to prioritize the above. I’ll end up playing it by ear, but if I can get at least two of these things knocked off the list by New Years, I’ll be happy.

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