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Maui Wall Candy App LogoThis past Wednesday, my latest Maui App for the iPhone and iPad was released to the App Store. This release brings my total number of Maui Apps to four.

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Download on the App StoreIn just the few days since launch, the new App has already been downloaded over a 100 times, which is pretty exciting.

No doubt, a good portion of that interest and traffic to the App Store was attributed to fellow Maui fans and bloggers spreading the word.

While I don’t take it for granted, it never ceases to amaze me the support and the fellowship of the Hawaii and Maui social media communities, even after all these years.

It seemed like it had a lot going for it back in 2007 when I first started blogging and tweeting, yet even six years later, many of those pioneers are still going strong and now they’re surrounded by even more great folks and new channels like Instagram, Tumblr, and Vine.

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Kanaha Beach ParkAll the good details on the App are available at the Launch Announcement link above, as well as in the Apps section here at the site.

The short recap is the Maui Wall Candy App features some of my favorite Maui images available as free and for-purchase downloads, custom sized to fit all versions of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that can run iOS 5+.

This is my first App using In-App Purchases, and the benefit of doing so is that when a user buys an image on one device, they can automatically restore that same image on any of their other iOS devices that use the same Apple ID.

The App itself is built to be device aware, so that if you buy an image on an iPhone 5, you’ll get the custom sized 16:9 image (or rather, 9:16 in portrait mode). When you then restore that same purchase on your iPad, you get a 4:3 version of the image that looks great both in portrait and landscape orientations.

Feel free to give it a shot – the App is free and you can select one of the free images to download right away if you don’t feel like purchasing anything right away.

Just head over to

What’s Next

Red SandIn the short term, my next project to near completion is the release of my upcoming 3rd Maui eBook in the Maui by Poster series.

The target release at the moment is next weekend, with the final testing on various devices and file sizes taking place this week.

The current version of this new eBook features over 60+ styled images from along the road to Hana, and many of those images will be available as prints, as wall as added to the Maui Wall Candy and the Maui Postcards Apps, too.

Be sure to stay tuned for those updates, and check out the News page at for all the latest Maui updates from all of the projects mentioned above.

Mahalo (thanks),
– Kris

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