Quick Portfolio Updates

It was certainly a busy weekend for content updates, getting my portfolio sites back up to date.

With the recent relaunch of the Maui Wall Candy website and upcoming App, getting everything in order meant a little housekeeping for updates going back to November of last year.

Maui Portfolio Updates

Maui Wall Candy portfolio thumbnailSince I launched my Maui Portfolio site back in November, I haven’t done much to update it until this weekend, when I add the following:

Other Portfolio Updates

In addition to the Maui Portfolio updates, those same items were also added to my full development portfolio (the one you’re reading from now), plus the following update:

  • Updated the Kris Nelson Photography details with the newest website redesign this past winter.

New WooTheme Totals

Woo Themes LogoAs I had shared in posts last summer, the migration of my websites running on the WordPress platform over to using themes from WooThemes has been an exciting and rewarding endeavor.

With the migration of the Kris Nelson Photography site to yet another WooTheme, and the relaunch of Maui Wall Candy new with WordPress and a WooTheme, that brings the total number of my websites running WordPress to 10 (out of 12), and of those 10 WordPress sites, 9 of them are sporting a different WooTheme.

I will say this, as if managing content on 10 different WordPress sites isn’t time-consuming already, having 9 of those 10 sites using a consistent theme setup and administration options, while still maintaining distinctive designs, is a huge advantage.

If you haven’t looked into these guys yet, I strongly recommend it.

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Programming since age 14, professional software engineer Kris Nelson practices his life motto of "Never stop learning" by developing websites and Apps around his passions, while staying current with trends in technology and social media.