Daily Maui Photo App v2.2 Available

The busy week of announcements continue, version 2.2 of my Daily Maui Photo App now available in the App Store.

The majority of the changes in this version are behind the scenes improvements and helping with performance and fluidity of the App paging, and there were many takeaways from what I used for the Maui Postcards App that had a lot to do with that.

Next Features

Next on my App development schedule is to finish adding more social integration to the Maui Postcards App, which will in turn borrow much of that sharing code from the Daily Maui Photo App here.

After that – and aside from working on new Apps – the plan is to work on a few other new features for the Daily Maui Photo App. Including:

  • Improved Facebook integration – including Likes and possibly comments, as are available on the Daily Maui Photo website today.
  • A Favorites option, where you can mark photos as a Favorite and they won’t be deleted when new photos are available. Then you can browse those favorites anytime.
  • iCloud support for syncing your favorites between devices (i.e. users with both an iPhone and iPad).
  • Improved photo downloading and storage on the device.

The iCloud piece sounds like it would fun to implement from an experience perspective. It would require updates to the downloading and storage workflow that the App uses today, however, and the Favorites option, obviously.

There are also possible hooks into the Maui Postcards App, too, but that’s a little bit bigger change.

Next Update?

Given the list above and some of the other websites and Apps I’m working with, I hope to get at least one new version of the Daily Maui Photo App released this year, if possible.

If I end up missing that goal, but in the process release 2-3 other Apps in it’s place, I’ll still be a happy camper.

Enjoy the update,
– Kris

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