Daily Maui Photo now on Tumblr

The Daily Maui Photo universe is expanding once again. Introducing the new Daily Maui Photo stream on Tumblr. Now, there’s yet another way for you to get your Daily Dose of Aloha!

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a micro-blogging service optimized for sharing various types of content, such as traditional blog posts, quotes, photos, links, reviews, etc.

In addition to having your own Tumblr blog, you can also follow other Tumblr blogs, mark posts from others as favorites, and even “reblog” someone else’s post on your own stream. That last feature makes it very easy to share content you like with your followers and spread the reach of your own content.

Why Daily Maui Photo on Tumblr?

Seeing as the primary goal of the Daily Maui Photo offering is to add a little Aloha to fans all over the world on a daily basis, this is yet another great way to help reach more and more people.

Plus, using the reblog feature, not only can users spread our daily Maui photos, but I can also share additional Maui content I find from other Tumblr streams, and even sources like Flickr, Facebook, and some of my favorite Maui blogs. This is really exciting because now I can go from a single photo a day to a photo plus links, photos, and posts from other sources as well. It makes for a more engaging experience and hopefully more views throughout the day.

Where to Go

If you’d like to see for yourself, head over to the Daily Maui Photo stream on Tumblr and have a look. You don’t need to have a Tumblr account to view the stream and see what other content I’m sharing.

If you’re already a Tumblr user, I invite you follow along and if you see something you like, please pass it on.

More Tumblr Updates Soon

At the present time, Tumblr doesn’t offer a way to publish my existing Daily Maui Photo feed directly to my stream, so I still have a little work left to do. There is an API that supports adding posts, photos, etc. and I’m about 75% finished with using that to post our daily photo automatically.

After that’s finished, there are also a few other idea for Tumblr streams I can see working on in the future. I could easily see adding one for the #MauiSunset Catalogue that’s powered by the Flickr group with the same name. There’s also another Maui by Photo spinoff that’s about 50% done that could also pop on Tumblr by the end of the year, too.

Finally, I can see sharing some of my photography work on a Tumblr stream of it’s own to supplement the portfolio site and blog that I have now and give me a chance to share some of my favorite photos from the photographers I follow online.

Certainly more to stay tuned for.

– Kris


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