Daily Maui Photo Widget v0.3 Released

Version 0.3 of the Daily Maui Photo Widget for WordPress is now available for download. You can download the latest version from the WordPress plugin page or, if you already have it installed, update the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Version 0.3 Details

Version 0.3 is a minor release, correctly a security flaw that was uncovered by a third party security website. The flaw corrected in this release was actually part of the admin settings in the widget panel itself, and not directly exposed to the use of the plugin on the website. And since the code for the admin settings used by this plugin do not interact directly with any of the WordPress data or sensitive information in the database or files, the threat was considered minimal.

Regardless, the code for the admin settings have been reworked to eliminate the flaw that was discovered, and by simply upgrading to the latest version, it will be repaired without any further action.

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