New Profile

Someone shared the service on Twitter a few weeks ago and after spending a few minutes looking around, I decided to indulge and create my own profile.

Feel free to check it out at

Both the concept and setup of these profile pages is very basic. You get a vanity URL for signing up, and you upload a background image, add your name, bio, a few links, and viola. In just a few moments, you now have a personalized landing page that you can use as a landing page or bio address for things like your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profiles.

And despite being such a simple concept, browsing through their directory will soon reveal that there are some very talented folks creating beautiful profile pages with this service. I, myself, don’t have too many portrait photos to choose from (nor am I that photogenic), so I chose one from 10,000 above sea level from my trip up to the Haleakala summit. Who knows, at some point maybe I’ll get on a creative tear and snap something else.

Find Your Friends?

One thing the site still lacks, in my opinion, is the ubiquitous “find my friends” feature that allows you to import your email contacts, Twitter, or Facebook friends in order to scope out their profiles and add them to your directory. You can do a name search, but that’s a little more time consuming (or we’re all just getting spoiled). Perhaps it’s on the way.

In the meantime, if you end up giving the service a shot and wanted to share your profile with me, let me know. I’d be interested in checking it out.


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