Site Relaunch – kris.nelson

It took awhile to get around to, but I’m very happy to say the new kris.nelson website is now live and much nicer than before.

You can now see, in one place, just how much work I really do around Maui, how many Facebook pages I manage, and that 3rd Twitter account you never knew I had. 😉

What’s New

Well, everything. The previous version of the site – which I was so ashamed of I never listed it in the profile here until now – was more of a JavaScript playground rather than useful for anyone to use. It also fell short of my primary goal for this site: to be my single-view online map of all my work online.

I feel this new version of the site brings that goal to fruition with a much cleaner and aesthetic feel to it. And for something that looks like it could make a good slide presentation, it’s actually put together with a surprisingly minimal amount of code.

You can read more about the specifics of this site and how it’s build on the kris.nelson portfolio page.

It’s actually one of the better site write-ups I’ve done in my portfolio section (for shame). I hope some day my other sites get that love and attention in their bios, too. 😛

About Kris

Programming since age 14, professional software engineer Kris Nelson practices his life motto of "Never stop learning" by developing websites and Apps around his passions, while staying current with trends in technology and social media.