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WordPress Plugin Development on Amazon I’m just about finished with testing out my first formal WordPress plugin featuring my Maui Photo Day Calendar, but while I get all the documentation and support ready for a few beta testers, I wanted to share a quick post about one of the resources I’ve used to get to this point.

Book: WordPress Plugin Development (Beginner’s Guide)

This was a pretty neat book to get started with because each chapter is a lesson on building an actual functioning plug-in that you can use right away and play with to see how things work.  It covers the different aspects of extending WordPress from simple plugins for posts, creating widgets for sidebars, adding shortcodes, modifying the Administration Panel and menus, template pages, the WordPress Repository, you name it. For someone like myself that had already started playing around with samples from different blog posts and just by reverse engineering other plugins, this title pulled everything together for me and helped lead my plugin concept into near completion.

I think one of the reasons this is a good read in my opinion is because the author gets right down to the code details without spending too much time talking.

The second reason is that he’s pretty entrenched in the WordPress platform himself, which certainly helps. Checkout the WordPress category on his blog to find out more about his constant development and interest in the WordPress platform.

First Plugin Coming Soon

Back to my efforts for a moment, I mentioned my first plugin is coming out soon. I already have it running on 4 of my WordPress blogs for testing, and just getting my ducks in a row to make it more professional looking and usable for others.

Be sure to look for it soon.

– Kris

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