March Blog Totals

Back to blogging after a Maui vacation in February.

March Blog Totals

63 posts in the month of March actually ties the top number of posts/month from back in December. This time around, though, it’s directly related to the daily photos that I’ve been sharing on the Kris Nelson Photography blog. While the daily photo posts have been consistent, I’m really working on getting back into a grove for the other blogs as well.  The fact that our (my wife and I) personal blog hasn’t really been touched is a taunting me a little, and I still have so many things to write up here at the blog about some of the latest site changes and code-behind looks that I’ve been meaning to share.

Back to the Kris Nelson Photography topic for a second, our recent vacation has rekindled more of my interest in photography yet again, which always happens when we visit Maui. As a result, the division of my free time is somewhat changing to include more shooting, reading, and editing photos than coding and blogging here. Something that I’ll just need to make adjustments for I guess.

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