New Mini-Site: Maui Photo Day Calendar

Maui Photo Day Calendar Logo
On a whim, I decided to put up a mini-site to promote my Maui Photo Day Calendar Google Gadget. Nothing too special or elaborate, but I’m pretty happy with it for only about 6 hours worth of work. It’s good to have an actual url ( to send people to when telling them about it, or have others link to on my behalf.

The mini-site features a live preview of the gadget, with an option to add it of course. There are also exceprts and links to the different blog posts I wrote regarding the gadget to provide a little background. There are also links to a few of my primary sites, and at some point, I’ll be adding a way to revisit the photos from the previous days.
So if you have a moment, stop by the mini-site and let me know what you think of the design.
Oh, and add the gadget and tell your friends.
Mahalo (thanks).

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