Minor Housekeeping at Kris and Cindy

While the Kris and Cindy site still remains in a dormant state, I did manage to move it to the new web host yesterday and perform a little bit of housekeeping on the site.

Of the various changes I needed to make, I updated the Vacations link in the main navigation to be more of a launch page for details on various trips. That included removing references to our previous Maui ’06 and Maui ’07 sections at the site, and instead filling those areas in with links to our full Maui site, Ka’anapali Dreamin’. There are other vacations that I’ll be looking to add (someday), most notably our trips to Door County. While I see us going to Door County numerous times each year, I doubt it will end up getting its own site like Maui did, so this site is the perfect spot for it.

Similarly, the Hawaii section at Kris and Cindy was started before our Maui site. Now that Ka’anapali Dreamin’ is in full force as being a great Maui and Hawaii resource, there wasn’t much of a need to continue with the Hawaii section at Kris and Cindy. I did, however, leave the link in the main navigation, and just updated the page to provide details and links over to KD instead.

Lastly, I added a note about the Kris and Cindy Blog on the home page, since that’s where a lot of the updates have been coming from anyway. With the addition of our blog to that site, the line being drawn in the sand involves using the blog for everyday updates, and having the website sort of capture all of our longer term memories of the key moments in our lives.

I don’t have any real idea on when I’ll be able to tackle additional work on Kris and Cindy in the near future, but I think it will keep holding up fine the way it is now after these recent minor tweaks.

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