What Gets Measured…

Part of my little blog calendar widget consists for creating a merged archive file in XML format with limited post information, like blog, title, date, etc. I’ve meaning to hit it with some XSL/T for a while now, just to see how some of the numbers are coming out month-by-month.

Just after putting together a quick prototype XSL stylesheet on my laptop, here are the numbers as they came out for November, listed per blog:
  • Ka’anapali Dreamin’ – 18 posts – Archive
  • Kris and Cindy – 7 posts – Archive
  • Kris Nelson Photography – 6 posts – Archive
  • webnelly.com – 6 posts – Archive
That comes out to a combined total of … 15, 27, carry the 1 … 37 posts for the month of November. That’s well above my goal of 1 post per day.
And the numbers for December are looking even better. With 10 days left in the month, I’ve already written 40 posts (41 if you include this one). That’s setting a pace for almost 2 a day, which is very good considering I’m trying hard to find enough time to do all this.
Yearly Totals
2007 being my rookie season here in the blogosphere, I only posted 49 posts. It wasn’t an entire year, and only included:
This year being my first full year writing on what is now 4 blogs, I’m at 209 posts. That includes over 120+ at Ka’anapali Dreamin’ alone!
At some point, I might think of posting these numbers somewhere, probably as part of kris.nelson. Maybe I’ll even dress them up a little bit using the Google Chart API. I guess it’s just another example of the old saying, “what gets measured, gets done.” 
Oh, and in case you were wondering, this very post and the time spent working on the above numbers is a prime example of me chosing code over content, and procrastinating as usual. If I cared for making New Years resolutions, that might be one of them. 🙂

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