Updated Flickr Section and other fixes – kris.nelson

With a lot of the time and effort I’ve been spending on my photography lately, I thought I’d clean up the Recent Photos view over at kris.nelson. I switched it from the small 75×75 square thumbnail view to a little bit more profound by comparison, as well as added a few details about each photo.

Behind the scenes, I did some housekeeping as well. Previously, the Flickr integration on this site was being handled through the phpFlickr package, as I’m using for Ka’anapali Dreamin’ (at least at the time this was written). Instead of using that entire PHP library just for this simple part of kris.nelson, I decided to switch over to the REST version and made a few corresponding changes on the scripting to display the results. It feels like it’s running just a little bit faster (without the PHP and MySQL overhead), but I haven’t actually don’t any formal testing with it.

Other Updates
In addition to just making this piece of the site look nicer, I also cleaned up a few bugs here and there, including a weird issue that I didn’t realize at first on the Twitter updates display. It turns out that the date format that is returned from the Twitter API (for example: Mon Nov 03 18:32:33 +0000 2008) is supported by and parses fine with Firefox, however IE treats it as NaN. I ended up just manually parsing out the fields and building the date parts manually. Oh well.


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