Maui Wall Candy Now Online

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After about a month of site customization and photo processing, Maui Wall Candy is now officially online. Maui Wall Candy is an online photo store where you can view and purchase photos that I have taken on our different visits to Maui. You can browse through the different galleries to find photos of magnificent sunsets, stunning vistas, great beaches and more.

And I’ve really only started and have about 2,000 photos yet to review from this past trip back in April. I’ve added a Coming Soon page to highlight some of the new photos and galleries I’m working on. To make it easier, there is a Recent Photos Feed that you can subscribe to and check out the latest photos when they’re added.

The site is hosted using a SmugMug Pro Account, which means it’s part of the bigger SmugMug collection of photographers and photo galleries. It’s a bit of a change for me after my years using Flickr, but the site really wouldn’t be possible without SmugMug.

So if you love Maui or just want to check it out, head on over and start browsing. If you’re interested in buying something, you can check out the different formats and pricing available on the Pricing page. Not only can you buy full sized prints, there are also digital options available, too. Why digital? Check out the Photo Ideas page to find out.

Thanks, and happy viewing.

P.S.: Looking for more details on Maui? Don’t forget to check out my Ka’anapali Dreamin’ site, too. 🙂

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