Breadcrumbs for Ka’anapali Dreamin’

It took me the better part of a day yesterday, but I was able to update and test all the 80+ pages of the Ka’anapali Dreamin’ site yesterday with breadcrumbs. Part of the work involved was related to the 5 or 6 different page templates I have setup in Dreamweaver for the site, ranging from the simple content pages that only contain one column to the section pages that have a sub navigation menu as well as a sidebar with photos.

It wasn’t as complicated as I had thought it would be, since I’ve been dreading having to do it for a while. Once I got some momentum, it turned out to be more daunting than anything else. That will just go to show me to think of those things up front and work them into a design earlier rather than after that fact. 🙂

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