Working on Ka’anapali Dreamin’ Mobile Site

I started working on a mobile version of my Maui website, Ka’anapali Dreamin’, and what I’ve put together so far can be found at

I’m focusing on making much of the regularly updated content available on the mobile site, and paying close attention to keep things simple and elegant, small and speedy. So far, I’ve added a few things like the current date/time in Hawaii, the Hawaiian word, phrase, and fact of the day (more info), the current weather conditions, news and the daily photos. All of these things already exist on the main site, so it’s partly just making it available for web-enabled phones.

The one area I’m struggling with a little bit so far is for blog posts via Blogger. I have no problem parsing the feeds available from the Blogger Data API, it’s more the matter of identifying and resizing any images that existing in those posts so they’re not as large in terms of download sizes on a web-based phone.

If you have a web-enabled phone and want to check it out, you can go to If you also have any ideas for new content, or maybe have a site of your own or know of a few that might be good to look at, go ahead and post them here.


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