Ka’anapali Dreamin’ – Next Project

Time for this type of stuff is starting to dry up, especially with the holidays and all, but I’m hoping to get some time set aside for this next project for Ka’anapali Dreamin’.

I’m looking to create a Flickr game, so to speak, that pulls in different pictures from Flickr, and the player has to guess whether the picture is from Maui or a different island. If they correctly identify it as not being Maui, they get a chance to guess which island it is.

I don’t think the front end is going to be that difficult, and the majority of the time will probably be around an admin app or pages that I can use to browse pictures from Flickr based on tags and either add or exclude them from the game.

For this, I’m also trying to get a new development environment running locally on my machine rather than having to upload everything to the web server for testing. Once that setup is complete, I’ll be ready to dive right in.

Target for this is about January as it stands now.

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