Igloo Surfing – November Progress

Obviously, the site isn’t up yet, so all of the progress and updates are related to the initial launch of the site. At the moment, I pretty happy with the logo that I have designed and much of the main page layout. This isn’t going to be an overly complex site like some of my other works, more of just a playground and photo sharing area. As with the Ciolinos site redesign, I am trying to push my limits of what I am capable of in regards to graphic design, and again not predicting that this will be the greatest thing since Google Maps, but something I want to be proud of.

For the remainder of this month, I’m hoping to finalize the main page layout for the site, slice up the comp and generate the core HTML and CSS, and get the foundation pages ready to go on a testing site. After that, it’s gathering photos and planning out the mechanics of the site, and if it’s up by the end of the year, I’ll be happy.

About Kris

Programming since age 14, professional software engineer Kris Nelson practices his life motto of "Never stop learning" by developing websites and Apps around his passions, while staying current with trends in technology and social media.